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Ben Slough May 16, 2018

At home? Or at one of the rapidly growing numbers of public charging points? However, you choose to charge your electric car, Government grants coupled with improved charging infrastructure are set to make things a whole lot easier. Charging at home Electricity is everywhere, which means charging is a cinch if you have off-street parking. […]

Ben Slough May 16, 2018

HEY STOP BITING YOUR LAPTOP…WE’RE HERE TO HELP YOU FIND AN EV!   Increase in EV = Increase in options! More manufacturers are now distributing all-electric cars for various classes as they become more and more popular. But there’s a lot you need to take into consideration before you can silently start the engine and […]

moshimon May 16, 2018

Although many of us are used to the routine maintenance involved with a regular car, an EV (electric vehicle) is in many ways much simpler to keep in good condition. The benefits of regenerative braking, fewer moving parts, and fewer fluids than a traditional vehicle mean that a green car generally comes with a much […]