Sarah White May 17, 2018

A single charge at one public charging point can cost as much as £17.46. To charge the same vehicle at home during the day costs £4.37. Plug your electric car into a home charger at night and the price drops to £2.18.

What Car found some public plug-in points charging more than advertised

Running a plug-in electric car could be more expensive than you might think.

According to What Car, the rising cost of using public charging points along with a lack of off-street parking for charging and low vehicle residual values should give pause to the thousands of motorists expected to purchase an electric car this year.

It found that accessing some public charging providers cost over £17 once you’ve tallied up subscriptions, connection fees and the electricity you’ve used – which is eight times what it costs to charge the same vehicle at home overnight.

The hidden cost of EVs: A new study by What Car has found that electric vehicles might be more expensive to charge away from home than you thought.

With the Government introducing taxes to make diesel vehicles less appealing, the drive to persuade motorists to switch to plug-in electric power is very much underway.

In fact, the pure electric and plug-in hybrid market enjoyed a record level of demand last year, with the sector growing 33 percent in 2017, as early adopters made the switch well ahead of the 2040 deadline for carmakers to stop selling solely petrol and diesel-powered models.

Many will have been convinced by their reputation as an affordable long-term option to take advantage of sooner rather than later. However, the costs aren’t so low if you were planning on charging one at some of the 16,000 public plug-in posts dotted around the country.

That’s because the impressive growth in electric vehicle sales has started to have an impact on the cost of affordable public charging.


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